Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?
Serving the community since 2008, Brow Lounge is located in the quaint downtown village of La Jolla. Our artists offer a variety of indulgent beauty experiences from brow shaping & microblading to acupuncture. Book online or by phone at 858-459-9800
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Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?

Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?

We want to help you find the perfect eyebrows so here are some Brow Lounge recommendations before you commit:

The basics:

  • Is your Microblading artist a BROW artist aka Esthetician or Cosmetologist?
  • How much history do they have in the industry working on clients?
  • Before and After photos are a must..Is your artist’s work consistent?
  • Do you like the STYLE of brows your artist creates?
  • What kind of certification has your Microblading artist completed and how long have they been performing this service?


  • Does your artist maintain an individual Health Permit as well as a current Certificate for Bloodborne Pathogen Standards?
  • Does the establishment possess a valid permit from the Department of Environmental Health?
  • Nothing is more important that your health and safety!

Lastly, have you had a preliminary consultation and do you LIKE your Microblading artist? This is a form of tattooing and you are entering into a very committed relationship between your brows and your artist. Make sure it’s a promising one not only for the treatment but for the future of your brows!!


It is with heavy hearts and bushy eyebrows that we are notifying you of another state mandated salon closure.  If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled, our receptionists will be reaching out to you and will add you to our call-back list.
Our online shop will remain open for all of your favorite Brow Lounge brands.We plan to reopen as soon as the mandate is lifted but in the meantime, let's all stay positive for good health and safety for everyone!
Thank you for all of your patience, love and support during this time!