Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?
Serving the community since 2008, Brow Lounge is located in the quaint downtown village of La Jolla. Our artists offer a variety of indulgent beauty experiences from brow shaping & microblading to acupuncture. Book online or by phone at 858-459-9800
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Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?

Are you shopping around for a Microblading Artist?

We want to help you find the perfect eyebrows so here are some Brow Lounge recommendations before you commit:

The basics:

  • Is your Microblading artist a BROW artist aka Esthetician or Cosmetologist?
  • How much history do they have in the industry working on clients?
  • Before and After photos are a must..Is your artist’s work consistent?
  • Do you like the STYLE of brows your artist creates?
  • What kind of certification has your Microblading artist completed and how long have they been performing this service?


  • Does your artist maintain an individual Health Permit as well as a current Certificate for Bloodborne Pathogen Standards?
  • Does the establishment possess a valid permit from the Department of Environmental Health?
  • Nothing is more important that your health and safety!

Lastly, have you had a preliminary consultation and do you LIKE your Microblading artist? This is a form of tattooing and you are entering into a very committed relationship between your brows and your artist. Make sure it’s a promising one not only for the treatment but for the future of your brows!!