Brow Lounge Beauties: Grow Out
Serving the community since 2008, Brow Lounge is located in the quaint downtown village of La Jolla. Our artists offer a variety of indulgent beauty experiences from brow shaping & microblading to acupuncture. Book online or by phone at 858-459-9800
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Brow Lounge Beauties: Grow Out

Brow Lounge Beauties: Grow Out


Good Morning #browloungebeauties !

Up, up and away! Some brows grow up and some grown down…During the grow out process it can be especially difficult to tame the direction in which your brows decide to point that day…a little brow gel (clear or tinted) brushed through your brows each day will not only help them to stay in place but will help train them to grow in the right direction ☺️

Don’t forget to brush your brows for best results! We recommend our Brow Lounge clear brow gel for best results!


It is with heavy hearts and bushy eyebrows that we are notifying you of another state mandated salon closure.  If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled, our receptionists will be reaching out to you and will add you to our call-back list.
Our online shop will remain open for all of your favorite Brow Lounge brands.We plan to reopen as soon as the mandate is lifted but in the meantime, let's all stay positive for good health and safety for everyone!
Thank you for all of your patience, love and support during this time!