Brow Lounge Beauties: Color



Happy Saturday Brow Lounge Beauties!
After such a gloomy San Diego day, we could use some color in our lives!!

Olivia did a great job not only at grooming this full set of brows but she also used products to help warm up her client’s look. Her client had caramel highlights in her hair so her brows seemed a bit dark…so she filled them in using Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Brown Brow Wiz and Brunette Tinted Brow Gel to get a more matched look.
We frequently get asked about chemically lightening brows to match hair color…this is a tricky scenario because you don’t want to over process your brows and you definitely don’t need to deal with grow out in your brows!! By using products like the ones Olivia used you can be sure to have a healthy and consistent look to your brows every day of your life! And remember to stay within a couple of shades of your hair color for your best, believable look.
Have a beautiful weekend and we’ll be back next week with more great brow tips!