DIY Beauty for You

DIY Beauty for You

Esthetician Kelsey provides us with a great DIY ALOE tip you can do from home when your skin needs a boost!

Aloe has an astringent affect on your skin and can help tighten and soothe skin. This tip can also aid in balancing oil production when stress levels are high!

-cut a 2-3 inch piece of aloe from your household plant
-rinse the leaf and trim the spikes off with a clean knife
-make a shallow cut down the center of the leaf to create two ‘doors’ that remain attached
-cut or scoop the clear gel from the inner leaf
-press the gel into your skin or use a refrigerated skin roller to assist in absorption

Put excess gel in a ziploc baggie and store in the fridge until next use (this should stay fresh for at least 2 additional days)
*Happy Hour cocktail is optional 😉

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