Must-Have’s For Fall Skin

Must-Have’s For Fall Skin

Is your SKIN telling you that Fall weather is here?

We’ve listed a few of our favorite skincare products that will help you combat this hot and cold but

also dry California transition!

Colostrum Gel by Environ Skincare

is necessary for balancing out

oil production during times

of stress, hormonal imbalances and

especially environmental


In short, everyone can use

this miracle serum to help

regulate breakouts and normalize

oil production whether you’re

dry, oily or have combination skin!

If you aren’t already familiar with this

Skinceuticals classic,

now is the time!

CE Ferulic serum provides the ultimate

protection against free radicals, sun damage

and it also helps

promote collagen production!

Find this and other Brow Lounge favorites on our shelves or give us a call to inquire about how you can purchase yours today!

A little California humor to 

brighten your day beauties!