Makeup & Skincare
About This Project

We offer pure, innovative skin care using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available. Epicuren® mission is to enhance our customers well being and personal evolution.

Our true passion is to combine the infinite discoveries within nature and technology. Skin care and wellness provide the perfect platform to integrate these inspirations, resulting in endless possibilities.

Epicuren®s philosophy is made possible through our approach to never remain married to any one specific technology. This gives us the freedom to progress with technology, information and awareness; enabling us to continuously evolve as they do.

The fundamental science behind the Epicuren Discovery® Enzyme technology is derived from pharmaceutical enzyme research performed 20 years ago on severely scarred burn victims. After observing the results achieved on traumatized skin through this technology, Mr. Heiman realized its potential for healthy, non-traumatized skin. He took the core theory behind it’s success and created the Enzyme Vitamin Protein Complexes.

Today, Epicuren® continues that cutting edge approach through the creation of new products and professional treatments by the combined efforts of our formulators and industry experts. The Epicuren Enzyme® Skin Care System is now used by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologist, exclusive resorts and highly skilled licensed aestheticians around the world in support of ageless beauty and natural well being.