Brow Lounge - San Diego's Best Brow & Beauty Salon Experience | LiLash
Serving the community since 2008, Brow Lounge is located in the quaint downtown village of La Jolla. Our artists offer a variety of indulgent beauty experiences from brow shaping & microblading to acupuncture. Book online or by phone at 858-459-9800
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Makeup & Skincare
About This Project

Cosmetic Pros

Your Story Is Our Philosophy

We want to help you tell a story as beautiful as you are—by making your eyes magnificent.

Cosmetic Pros specializes in creating products that maximize the brilliance of your eyes so that whatever you do, you’re evoking confidence, positivity and allure. We want you to feel connected to and in control of your beauty.

We’re dedicated to developing an innovative lineup of cosmetic products that are inspired and executed through the lens of our philosophy of transforming and enhancing eyes. It’s why we created our line of serums that enhance your eyelashes and eyebrows—thus manifesting a more beautiful you.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way beauty is approached by redefining eyelashes and eyebrows. We create products that are uniquely specialized in their offering and unparalleled in the market. Cosmetic Pros is redefining the way cosmetic products are experienced.